Cos Cob TV & Audio can set up everything you need from a simple TV mount, to outfitting an entire home! With audio/video and automation options for every style and budget, the sky is the limit. No project is ever too large or too small, and there’s nothing we haven’t seen before.
WiFi & Networking


Streaming and other networkable devices are such an integral part of home entertainment and automation, and you need a way to make them work seemlessly. A robust, reliable network is a real necessity. We have become experts at enterprise-grade solutions. We are able to implement networking systems and manage their needs, saving your time and energy!

Lighting Control

Cos Cob TV offers affordable lighting control systems  designed to fit your needs for your home and business. Our systems provide energy savings as well as peace of mind. They allowing you to control a wide variety of lighting environments and timers for your needs.

Landscape Lighting

Are you a DIY kind of person? We sell a range of TV's including Samsung and Sony, as well as all the accessories you'll need to get the job done yourself.  We have an open price match policy on TV's with sites like Amazon.   We'll check the price with you at the time of your sale and that's the final price for you!

Media Rooms


Do you not want your TV to be the center focus of your room? We can hide it and the wires to! Mask your flat screen with motorized artwork that reveals your TV only when you want to use it. Or have a motorized projection screen descend through a hidden trap-door in the ceiling to reveal a cinema-sized Home Theater.


Whole Home Stereo

Cos Cob TV has joined with Coastal Source for breathtaking outdoor environments. Choose your lighting style and we can have a designer create a layout for you.

Outdoor TV

Turn your patio into and outdoor theatre for entertaining.  Watch all of the action outdoors with a weather-proof Outdoor TV

We can give you unprecedented control of your music in every room you desire. With apps for your iPad, cell phone, or a keypad control in each room the options are limitless.  A multi-room music system gives you access to all your favorite tunes, and not just the ones on your own hard-drive. You will be able to access your cloud-based music servers, XM-Sirius satellite radio, Pandora, Rhapsody and Spotify. We bring all your entertainment options together and make them simple to manage.

Temperature Control

We have a range of solutions that allow you to easily achieve energy efficiency in your home. You can program your thermostats to raise or lower temperatures to match your daily schedule, which can save you serious money over the long haul. You’ll also be able to access and control your thermostats anywhere, anytime, for maximum savings with minimum effort let your users get to know you.

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